Como os suecos usam social media

A notícia é antiga, mas o comportamento se mantém. Importante para os negócios e para a convivência. Os suecos também estão no Face! 🙂 Em breve vou conferir bem de perto!

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New statistics – How Swedes use social media

Seven out of ten (72%) visit social media at some time while almost half (48%) of Swedes* visit daily. These are the new statistics from .SE’s upcoming report, ”Swedes and the Internet 2014.” Facebook continues to be the most popular, but is being challenged by new alternatives. This year’s rocket is Instagram, which has almost doubled its number of users from last year and is now used by almost a third of Swedes (28%).

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Each year we ask 3,000 Swedes how they use the internet, and you can read here how they have answered about their use of social media. Last year, the increase in the number of Twitter users was very high. This year, Instagram has the largest increase – the number of Swedes who use the popular photo service has grown from 15 percent last year to 28 percent this year.

Instagram is most popular among young women. In the ages of 12-15, 62 percent of girls use Instagram daily compared to 45 percent of boys. In the ages of 36-45, 13 percent of women use Instagram daily compared to 5 percent of the men.

Facebook still the largest

Unsurprisingly, Facebook is still by far the most popular. In the ages of 16-25, 95 percent visit Facebook sometimes. 81 percent visit daily and 36 percent visit several times a day. Almost everyone who is a member of a social network is also a member of Facebook. The exception is in the youngest ages of 12 -15 where Facebook use has decreased from 91 percent in 2012 to 86 percent in 2013 and then 83 percent in 2014. Maybe it’s related to the increase of older people discovering Facebook? In the ages of 46-75, Facebook users has increased from 49 percent to 56 percent since 2013

One out of five use Twitter

What about Twitter then? Well, as stated, the use has not increased so much this year. 19 percent answer that they visit Twitter sometimes, while 6 percent visit daily. The number of users has virtually stood still since 2013 when 17 percent visited sometimes and 6 percent visited daily. I almost think this year’s small increase is a bit remarkable when I think how often I see T.V. shows using hashtags and inviting us to comment/ask questions on Twitter. Apparently, few of those who have not yet seen the light heed the call. Of those who actually use Twitter, twice as many read it rather than write.

Women are more active than men

Women are more active than men when it comes to social media, especially in daily use.  The difference on Instagram is particularly large, where 29 percent of women visit daily compared to the numbers among men, which are 16 percent. For Facebook, the daily use is 53 percent compared to 41 percent. However, Twitter is somewhat more popular among men than among women.

These statistics are part of the report ”Swedes and the Internet 2014” which will be released in the middle of November.

* The measurement refers to age 12 and up. The survey covers 3,000 people.

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